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Landing page should be the basecamp for all traffic funnel. The purpose of the landing page is to get visitors to book appointments. When you build a landing page, not only you should put out good content, but also great user experience like online chat and online booking. 




Using “Brand+location、model + location  ”.etc, in Chinese as the search keywords, we were able to achieve top 4
ranking in Google’s organic search results, AOM’s Chinese website ranked number 2 and
number 4 respectively.


Avg. CPC: 0.56

New user: 905 / month



When potential customers consider your product and compare prices, our strategy is to first influence these customers with ads conveying quality service. If the potential customer cares only about price, we will target them using remarketing with special offers and promotions.

Google AdWords
• Chinese PC system language +Chinese keywords
• Chinese PC system language +English keywords
• English PC system language+Chinese keywords




  • ​Video

  • Advertisement

  • Advertorial

  • Design




WeChat is the monopoly player in Chinese social media. Chinese people have grown to be dependent on the platform for everyday online activities, including direct message, reading news, media subscriptions, transferring money, and a lot more. WeChat should be seen as a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram account. It is a great place to build community and engagement. The key to WeChat marketing is content. You need to post constantly to keep your audience engaged.





We can help to communicate with any kind of Chinese community Channel.



Offline Marketing

• Audi Test Drive
• Repower financial seminar

• Yamaha private concert

• Holt Renfrew private shopping night

... ...