Customer Analysis

In addition to the basic information of customers, each industry has the underlying customer information dimension with industry characteristics. We need to select the most important factors for the enterprise from these various dimensions, and through the cross-combination of these factors, we can find out A variety of customer portraits (persona) of the enterprise, and the underlying customer information dimensions and customer portraits (persona) are customized into the system.

Market segmentation

In order to develop a data-based marketing strategy with practical results, we need to start with the most basic market segmentation, and based on customer analysis, find the theoretical basis for enterprise positioning from the most fundamental issues. For example: Why do we choose a segment of the market as the focus? Our products are positioned to major advantages in this segment. After determining the market segment, we can basically determine what persona is an important data indicator. At the same time, combined with the market segment, the key customer factors after screening are weighted and scored in the leads score.


Market positioning

It is believed that enterprises that have matured operations already have their own market positioning, and we have two considerations in remarketing. First, we help companies to recognize the relationship between market segments and corporate values ​​again, and see more clearly. The future expandable space and the value of the enterprise itself. The second is to help us better understand the company's positioning and market conditions, and provide reference for exploring more value from the data in the future.

Data analysis dimension

It is not enough for enterprises to focus on data collection. Data can only be effectively applied by enterprises if it is operated under fixed models and rules. We need to develop key indicators for market monitoring before conducting more in-depth data mining. For example, when a certain persona ratio deviates from our expectations, we need to re-examine the market and our positioning. And how we initiate this re-examination requires us to set the analytical dimension and data key points, which is also the meaning of this part of the work.


Data marketing strategy

Marketing behavior is the premise of data entry. We need to develop a customized marketing plan that meets the requirements of data and enterprise and ensure that the data can be realized. According to the remarketing, we will give a marketing strategy and plan. Redistribute marketing resources based on different market segments and key customer segments. All marketing practices are based on trackability, optimisation, and evaluability.

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